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Wetland Discovery Centre Temporary Closure

Our Story

Opened in 1993, the award- winning Wetland Discovery Centre is a unique destination welcoming wildlife and people year-round. Although approximately 100,000 people visit the site every year, no significant changes have occurred in the Centre and serious repairs are needed. For questions about our closure, click HERE.

A Vision, Inspired by Wetlands

Conservation and the importance of natural areas have come into sharp focus for Canadians in recent years. People are making new connections between wetlands and their well-being, their lifestyles and their hopes for the future. Find out more: Harry J Enns Proposal 2023

The Project

Be part of a new vision that will recreate the life-changing experiences, relationships and connections to the natural wetland habitats that inspire people by creating a groundbreaking Centre for wetland education and engagement that leverages technology to equip new generations to address the conservation issues of today and tomorrow and ensure the future of Canada’s wetland habitats.

A renewed experience will take visitors through a journey that connects, transforms, and inspires action. Visitors will gain a stronger understanding of wetlands, why they are relevant and what they can do to protect them. Design Overview.

Reaching Beyond:

A new theatre that will allow the Centre to have guest presenters for both a live and remote audience anywhere in the world.
Creation of a state-of-the-art production studio will deliver virtual and distance learning to diverse audiences. More information

Your Support is Needed

A Multi-Million Dollar Transformation is needed for major renovations to improve the theme, flow and overall experience for visitors. New permanent interactive exhibits will creatively engage visitors in wetlands and wetland conservation.

Support this exciting renewal project that will firmly establish the Wetland Discovery Centre as the heart of wetland conservation and education in North America.

Your generous contribution will help make this project a reality.

Thank you to our major sponsors



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