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Working in collaboration

While PCL is busy dismantling the ceilings, including lighting systems, sprinklers and HVAC at the Wetland Discovery Centre, Kubik, the firm chosen to build the new exhibits, is hard at work in Toronto.

This is a view of the second floor office space area that will be converted into a multipurpose room and catering area.


The Seminar Room where many school programs and birthday parties took place.


The reception area looks very different without its signature curved desk.


Kubik is a global leader in creating immersive experiences and exhibits for various industries, including museums, trade shows, and events. They frequently collaborate on projects worldwide. Here in Winnipeg, they contributed in enhancing te exhibits for the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada as well as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The Wetland Discovery Centre will benefit greatly from Kubik’s expertise in creating immersive and engaging exhibits. Integrating educational elements with interactive experiences will enhance visitors’ understanding and appreciation of our wetland ecosystems.

The new reception desk currently being worked on.


Here are some of the island shelving in the making.


This new exhibit module will be about the food chain.


Having the exhibits being built off-site by Kubik in Toronto while PCL is working at the Wetland Discovery Centre allows us to progress more efficiently towards our opening!





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