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Gr 3-4 Programs –  $2.75 each unless otherwise stated

Marsh Walkabout
Explore the trails and find out why wetlands are great for both people and wildlife! Seasonal themes.

An interpreter-led exploration of the Centre’s interactive exhibits. On special! Add this program to a half-day for only $2.50 per student!

Plants & People
Discover some of the fascinating uses of marsh and prairie plants and their special significance to Indigenous People (May – October).

Beavers & Muskrats
Use pelts, mounts and other props to discover the interesting adaptations that allow beavers and muskrats to survive the Manitoba climate.

Reptiles & Amphibians
Explore the similarities and differences between these two vertebrate groups. Find out why wetlands play such an important role, in these sensitive creatures’ lives.

Creatures of the Night (Bats)
Discover the amazing adaptations of these important wetland creatures through visuals and interactive games.

Ecology Games
High-energy, fun activities that teach ecological concepts through  role-playing! Available both indoors and out, depending on the weather.

Wacky Weather
Find out how weather affects the lives of all animals, including humans. Use simple devices to measure the weather.

Fall Changes
Through games and activities, learn how plants and animals prepare for the cold months ahead.

Learn about bird feeding adaptations and strategies. Make your own simple birdfeeder to take home.

Animal Detective
Become an animal detective while exploring the marsh in search of the many clues left by wildlife.

Plant Ecology
Why are wetland plants so important to birds, mammals and people? Find out more about wetland plants and their adaptations.

Hawks, Owls & Falcons
Learn about local birds of prey and their fascinating adaptations. Program includes hands on stations.

Critter Dipping
Grab a bucket and dip net as you head out to the boardwalk to discover the diverse life of the marsh (May – October).

What’s for Dinner?
Discover Manitoba’s owls and their special adaptations. Dissect a sterilized pellet to discover what a barn owl had for dinner! Extra charge of $3.00/pellet + tax.

Marsh Bingo
Practice your outdoor observation skills on a walk through the marsh as you search for the plants and animals needed to complete your bingo sheet.

Soils…More Than Just Dirt!
Through a series of interactive stations find out more about the properties of soil and the wildlife that call it home.

Settler’s Pastimes
Enjoy the simple games played by Canada’s early European settlers. Handcraft a gift or toy to take home.

Indigenous Games
From double ball to hoop and pole, Indigenous games were and still are a fun way to learn important skills and lessons.

Animal Teachers
Through interactive games and activities, discover how animals can be great teachers! Students will learn the importance of various wetland animals to Indigenous culture.

Snowshoe Walkabout
Unforgettable adventure awaits as your group travels our winter trails by snowshoe.

Surviving the Freeze
Discover the behavioral and physiological adaptations that help wetland plants and animals face the challenges of winter.

Bannock Bake – $3.50
Learn the history behind bannock and discover the fun of preparing your own and cooking it over an open fire.

Voyageur Canoe – $6.00 (Grade 4 only)
30 – 45 minutes
Explore the marsh in an interpreter-led, ten–passenger, voyageur-style canoe (group size limited & weather permitting).