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Preschool – Kindergarten: 30 – 45 minutes, only $2.75 each

Neat Feet & Beaks
Can you tell where a bird lives or what it eats by its feet and beak? Animals have special characteristics that help them live in different habitats. Create your own special feeder and give it as a treat to the birds.

Happy Habitat Homes
Let your imagination soar as you take a journey through the marsh with special puppets to explore their habitat.

Plants & Seeds
Why are plants, like trees, so important to birds, mammals and people? Find out how plants change through the seasons.

Rain or Shine
Discover the wonders of weather. Find out how weather can change and how it affects the animals and people at the marsh.

Itsy-Bitsy Spider
How does a spider spin its web? Find out interesting facts about spiders and create your own spider web craft.

Snakes Alive!
Put those scary snake tales to rest and learn all about these fascinating creatures.

Beavers & Muskrats
Explore the life of these two amazing mammals and learn about the adaptations that make them so unique.

Water Bugs
Explore underwater life by catching critters, then use magnifiers to identify your water bugs! (May – October).

Tiny Tot games
A medley of wetland and water-themed games.

An interpreter-led exploration of the Centre’s interactive exhibits. Add this program to a half-day for only $2.50 per student!