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Gr 10-12 Programs –  $2.75 each unless otherwise stated

Marsh Walkabout
Explore the trails and find out why wetlands are great for both people and wildlife! Seasonal themes.

An interpreter-led exploration of the Centre’s interactive exhibits. On special! Add this program to a half-day for only $2.50 per student!

Invertebrate Sampling
Sample our wetland water to discover the diverse life of the marsh (May – October).

Owl Pellet dissection
Discover Manitoba’s owls and their special adaptations. Dissect a sterilized pellet and categorize the bones with the help of a chart. Extra charge of $3.00/pellet + tax.

Indigenous Games
From double ball to hoop and pole, Indigenous games were and still are a fun way to learn important skills and lessons.

Snowshoe Walkabout
Unforgettable adventure awaits as your group travels our winter trails by snowshoe.

Wetland Ecology – $11.00
4 – 5 hours
Conduct an in-depth study of our wetland ecosystem. Identify and record habitat types and biodiversity. Conduct a vegetation study, sample aquatic invertebrates and conduct chemical tests on water samples (May – October).

Ecology Challenge – $3.25
1 – 1.5 hour
With interactive stations, challenge your class in topics such as wildlife, ID, aquatics and forestry.

Beginning Birder – $5.50
1.5 – 2 hour
Learn about the fascinating diversity of bird life found in our area with this introduction to bird observation and identification (all seasons).

Look What I Found – $5.50
2 hours
Explore life under the marsh. Examine life cycles, adaptations and food chains of aquatic invertebrates using a video-microscope (May – October).

Intro to GPS – $3.25
Learn the basics of how GPS and GIS technologies can be used and gain some hands-on experience using GPS units to mark and find locations.

Geocaching 101 – $6.50
2 hours
An expanded version of the 1-hour program, including further exploration of GPS use and an introduction to this popular pastime.

Bannock Bake – $3.50
Learn the history behind bannock and discover the fun of preparing your own and cooking it over an open fire.

Voyageur Canoe – $6.00
30 – 45 minutes
Explore the marsh in an interpreter-led, ten–passenger, voyageur-style canoe (group size limited & weather permitting).