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Sponsor our Wetland Ambassadors

Are you looking for a great gift idea for someone this Holiday Season?

Sponsoring one of our Wetland Wildlife Ambassador is a great gift idea and sure to please even the most discriminating. Our salamanders, turtles, crayfish, minnows and other various critters that can be seen at the Interpretive Centre throughout the year are in constant need of TLC. Help us care for them by becoming one of the official Wetland Ambassador Sponsors.


Sponsor Hide  SeekMeet Hide and Seek, our two oldest Eastern Tiger Salamanders. Hide and Seek have been at the Centre for many years now and have been one of the main attraction during feeding time. They love to eat juicy meal worms and crickets and they will often try to step on one another in order to be the first one in line to get the food.

Sponsor The FinnsThe Finns are our playful and joyful school of minnows. They come from the marsh and often return to their native home to swap place with some of their friends. They especially love to play around and hide under the natural stone bridge in their aquarium. They are always very excited to come out and swim around, especially during feeding time!

Sponsor Crackle In spite of his tough exterior, Crackle is a softy at heart. He came to the marsh with several of his brothers and sisters and after finding out how great life was here, he decided to stay. True to his carnivorous lifestyle, he enjoys eating fish and other small marsh critters. He also likes to put on a big show during feeding time, stalking his food and diving for it abruptly!

Sponsor RockyRocky is a master of disguise. If it wasn’t for a twitch of his antenna once in a while our visitors would think our aquarium is empty. He just loves to stay put and mimic the nearby stones, until feeding time! Then, Rocky goes unto a seek and eat mode where he feels around with his long antennas and grabs the food with his beautiful blue claws.

Sponsor Tic Tac  ToeTic, Tac and Toe are the youngest of our salamanders. They share the aquarium with their larger and older friends, Hide and Seek. The playful salamanders seem to enjoy playing tricks on Hide and Seek, often jumping ahead of them during feeding time.


Sponsor Marley Marley is the oldest resident of our Wetland Ambassadors. She loves to watch people and will often follow your finger or your nose from across the glass. She has a varied diet and doesn’t mind having some greens in her diet.


For only $30, you could be the official Sponsor one of our Wetland Ambassador for one year.

Please call us at 204.467.3300 for details


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