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Migration has started!!

Migration is a miracle. By land, air and water, millions of birds do it, in time with the seasons. Most of our birds, approximately 90%, do not spend the winter here.They migrate farther south, anywhere from the southern United States to the south tip of South America.

Oak Hammock Marsh is an important staging area for hundreds of thousands of ducks and geese and for many other species. It is a safe protected area for the birds to stop and eat, building up fat reserves before starting the next leg of their journey.

The Centre is celebrating fall migration with special dinners, a migration festival, nightly fly-ins, an early morning count, a concert and many other activities. 

Join us this fall to see this miracle first hand!

September events (PDF, 266KB)

Songbird Banding Workshop

September 6

Would you like to see these small birds up close? Join this workshop to learn the ins and outs of songbird banding.
Pre-registration is required. Workshop fee is $5 plus admission.


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Archaeology, Rocks & Minerals

September 13 & 14

Be dazzled by the beauty of minerals and fossils from all over the world. Take in displays, a rock silent auction, films,
flint knapping and gold panning. Bring your rocks or fossils for trade and identification. Horse-drawn wagon rides on
Sunday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m


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Astronomy Night –
“Fall Constellations & Star Party”

September 18

Come and explore the fall night sky and learn more about the stories behind the fall constellations. Meet members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada! Enjoy a great night of sky watching with fellow stargazers and share their
passion for this fantastic hobby.



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