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Dusk to Dawn Specialty Programs – $2.75 each

Night Hike (All Ages)
Discover the more secretive nocturnal creatures of the marsh. Listen carefully to hear who goes bump in the night.

Night Sounds (All Ages)
While there is much to see in the marsh throughout the year, there is also much to hear! This program starts with a slide and sound presentation in the theatre, followed by an interactive game.

Fun Find in the Centre (All Ages)
Sometimes some plush critters come out to play in the Centre when no one else is around! See if you and your group can find them as you scour the building!

Voyageur Games (All Ages)
Winter is when the voyageurs were stuck in the fort for long periods. Games were a way to pass the time. Try some of the games they played, along with a few modern twists!

Stargazing (Gr. 5 – Gr. 9)
Explore the planets and our solar system. Learn legends of the constellations and more! Note: a 2-hour Astronomy program is available for evening bookings.

Wetland Badge – $4.50 (All Ages)
Participate in activities that help you learn more about wetlands and wildlife as you earn your wetland badge (all seasons).