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Peregrine Falcon Presentation

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Join us to learn more about this fascinating bird of prey with expert Tracy Maconachie.

The Manitoba Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project began in 1981 with the release of four captive-bred peregrine falcon chicks in Winnipeg.  The goal was, and still is, to establish and support a self-sustaining wild population of peregrines in the province.  Over 300 young  peregrine falcons have hatched, fledged and migrated from the province over the Project’s 40-year history. Some of those young birds have returned to nest successfully in locations across the Canadian Prairies and the US Midwest. This presentation will explore the history of the Project’s recovery efforts and the lessons these birds continue to teach us about living and working with peregrines.

Tracy Maconachie joined Manitoba’s Peregrine Falcon Recovery Project in 1991 as a volunteer when the Project needed help to release 30 captive-bred peregrine chicks from locations in Winnipeg, Brandon, Portage la Prairie and Gimli.  As a hack-site attendant, her job was to monitor, feed and clean up after the fledglings – basically babysit to a bunch of adolescent raptors with no table manners. It was the beginning of a 30-year commitment to the peregrines in Manitoba and she still looks forward to the peregrines’ return each spring.

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Please note, there will be no live Peregrine Falcon on-site.

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